How You Can Help

“It seems to me to be that the most happy contented and fulfilled have been the people who have lived outgoing unselfish lives - the kind of people who are generous with their talents and their time and who use their talents and good fortune for the benefit of others." HRH Queen Elizabeth II

The Gospel is free but it takes financial resource to get it into the hands of people. We have never had a day like today to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus and you can make a real difference.

Maybe you would like to partner with us in our initiatives and to help us do even more in the weeks ahead.

Regular support from Destiny Ministries Covenant Partners plays a vital role in enabling us to carry out the great work that we are called to do.

If you cannot become a partner and commit to regular giving at this time, but you believe in the work of Destiny Ministries and would like to make a one-off gift, please choose from the following payment options below.

Any support that you give makes a real difference. We truly thank you. Maybe you can't give financially, but please do pray for all that we are involved with that the Lord would bless and multiply the work of our hands.


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