A Grass Roots Growing Church

Pastor Andrew Owen

May 2014 Leaders Forum held at Destiny Glasgow


Jesus, it must be remembered, restricted nine-tenths of his ministry to twelve Jews so that He could reach all Americans. –Eugene Peterson


As the reality of the church as an organism has been discovered, we are finding that in God’s design all the people in the church are gifted for ministry and gifted to act. –Greg Ogden

1. We believe in the priesthood of all believers. 1 Peter 2:9


2. Three good questions we should ask ourselves:


  • Do you have a passion to see people released into fullest ministry potential?


  • Have you demonstrated specific ways whereby you can do this?


  • Can you manage an environment where people are encouraged and motivated to do this?


The pastor as equipper is to watch for underdeveloped powers, to draw them out, to bring potency to actuality in human lives.  – Elton Trueblood



3. How to be a gift bearing – gift evolving community.


a) Call forth gifts


b) Fan the fire of desire


c) Discover


d) Deploy


e) Create the right environment


f) Evaluate. Delegate but don’t abdicate


g) Turn areas over to others

How to Set God Given Goals as a Leader – Destiny Leaders Forum September 2013

First, some values to remember:

  • What makes God comfortable may not make us comfortable
  • Leaders are kings- what Kind of King are you? Saul or David? Flesh or Spirit?
Saul David
Head and shoulders bigger Youth
Wanted to look good Wanted God to look good
Threw spears Made covenant
Mad rants Worship songs
Used people (David to play music for him) Loved people (Adullam’s cave)
Wanted honour but wouldn’t give it Honoured and was honoured (wouldn’t kill Saul /wells)


So how do we use these values in goal setting? 

  • What kind of atmosphere are we producing? What kind of atmosphere do we want?
  • Is there room for others?
  • Is there unity- agreement – understanding in my team?

Are you a leader or a worker?




This 2x2x2 verse is a good example of what I call the doubling up principle.

It’s not just about getting a job done-but a CAUSE accomplished.


This then leads up to the question- are you a leader or a worker?


Workers are good and noble people. Jesus taught us to pray asking for more labourers in Matthew 9.

But leaders are different. As we introduce people to leadership within the church, we may often say. we are not asking you to give any more time by way of service, give the same time-but give it as a leader not a worker. Which requires a substantial mind set shift.


The conversation!

1. A worker asks what must I do? A leaders asks who must I develop?

2. A worker shows values in his life, a leader teaches values from out of his life.

3. A worker often thinks-“I’m indispensable”,  a leader thinks, ‘who can I entrust with these responsibilities’

4. A worker will always put himself on a rota, a leader will use a rota to train others.

5. A good worker will say-“it’s important to pray and be at a prayer meeting”, a leader will say, “I must bring my disciples with me to the prayer meeting and show them how important this is”.

6. The good worker will be clear on the task in hand, the good leader will be clear on the person in hand.

7. A good worker will give all of his time-and more, to the task. The leader will give at least 30% of his time in training and teaching others.


The leaders  will be able to answer 6 critical questions, whilst the workers may not ask any questions.


1. Why do we exist?


-Are we all trying to do the same thing?

-Is there collective commitment?

-Is the vision clear and are others able to run with it?


2. How do we behave?


-What are our values? If we are tolerant of everything we will stand for nothing.

How do we hold values whilst expressing grace?


3. What do we do?


-What is the church’s core business?

-How did Jesus describe the Kingdom?


4. How will we succeed?


-What is our team’s strategy for getting the job done?  Strategy is one of the most widely employed and poorly defined concepts.


5. What is the most important thing right now?


If everything is important nothing is important

-Are we ‘anchored’-can we grow?


6. Who must do what-and are they clear on it?


– Are the ‘leave it with me’s’ clear?




April 2013


We bring you warm Christian greetings from the Destiny family. You are all very much in our thoughts and prayers. We thank God for you and pray that you will continue to know his grace.

We have just returned from India, where we have had a significant time with our senior apostolic team and some key leading ladies. We had our “MPOWER” summit meetings, and spoke together of  MISSION-MESSAGE-MINISTRY TEAMS. God was present and many powerful prophetic words came about God’s purpose for you and India.

It is our intention to host the next JOURNEY PASTORS CONFERENCE in March 2014. We will hold these in 2 centres, Gopalpur and Visak. We will translate the Visak event from English into Telugu and the other from English into Oreea. We are trusting God for 1,000 pastors. We sincerely hope that you will join us, and we will open the event to other pastors who may not be a part of the Destiny network. (provided we have room)

Further, we are praying and trusting God to be able to host a Destiny Women’s Diamonds conference, to assist, help and promote leadership amongst our women, and to teach on very important issues that concern women and India.

It was a joy to see the children in the orphanage doing so well, and to see the good progress that is being made on building the new centre. We are also trusting God to be able to host the conference in 2014 in the new training centre.

The Destiny Family is growing world wide, with new churches now started in Uganda Africa and Poland. We will soon start in Hong Kong.

The gospel is the answer for our world, and we are passionate about building great local churches, helping pastors like you fully understand how great our God is-and the difference you and your people can make in the local community.

Each time we visit India we are astonished how quickly the country is developing in so many ways. This is your day.

We also hope to have very good quality teaching materials available for you in Telugu in the very near future.

Please convey our love to your family and to the church members. You are continually in our prayers.


Your servants in Christ Jesus

Andrew Owen

Apostle, Destiny Churches

Destiny Ministries

70 Cathedral St, Glasgow, G4 ORN, Scotland, UK

destiny-church.com    twitter: @andrewdestiny




The power of the REAL Gospel

The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1:16, I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation, to the Jew first, then the Greek, and all whom the Lord our God will call.

Politicians may change social structures, but only the gospel can change human nature. When the heart of a man is changed with this gospel, he will change his community. The gospel of Jesus sets people free from sins and addictions, despair, unworthiness, sickness, poverty, and bondage.

There is a serious challenge to this gospel in our day-and it’s not from people of other ideas or other faiths. It’s from within the church itself. For very often the REAL gospel is not preached, but a mixture of law and grace, works and faith, religion and truth. If we preach the REAL gospel, we will see the power of God at work, many people saved and our nation changed.






There are many things you must realise about the real gospel, here are just 3 of them.

1. It’s not what I can do, But what He has done.

It is by grace that you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves but it is the gift of God.  Ephesians 2:8

It is possible to reject God in 3 ways-

-You can reject Him by  simply staying as a sinner.

-You can reject God by saying all religions are the same, in the end they all lead to God, and since He is love, we will be OK in the end.

-But you can reject God by trying to save yourself with ‘self salvation’ efforts. If we think that our performance/behaviour or conduct will get us closer to God than that which Jesus has done, then we have a real problem. Pastors do this all the time. They teach people a new set of rules, or tell people that if they do this or that God will bless them more/love them more or somehow be closer to them. This is NOT the gospel. We stand and depend totally and ONLY on what Jesus has done for us. The more people know how much God loves them, the more they know what he has done for them-and not what they have to do-then the more powerful they become as Christians.

2. It’s not about sin, but about righteousness.

I often ask people what do they think is the One thing you get in the gospel of the New Testament that you couldn’t get in the Old Testament?? They often say-the forgiveness of sins. But this was available in the Old Testament, for David wrote-For you, O Lord, are good, and ready to forgive our trespasses. Psalm 86:5

We get and gain in the gospel righteousness.We read-

For in the gospel a righteousness which God ascribes is revealed. Romans 1:17

But now the righteousness of God has been revealed apart from the law. Romans 3:21

The law could never save anyone-but we get in the gospel this amazing status and condition.

Because of this Paul also writes there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1

3. A promise that He will never leave me.

Because of this gift of righteousness God is able to live within me-consequently, He won’t leave me. It has nothing to do with my performance -but all His grace!