How to Set God Given Goals as a Leader – Destiny Leaders Forum September 2013

First, some values to remember:

  • What makes God comfortable may not make us comfortable
  • Leaders are kings- what Kind of King are you? Saul or David? Flesh or Spirit?
Saul David
Head and shoulders bigger Youth
Wanted to look good Wanted God to look good
Threw spears Made covenant
Mad rants Worship songs
Used people (David to play music for him) Loved people (Adullam’s cave)
Wanted honour but wouldn’t give it Honoured and was honoured (wouldn’t kill Saul /wells)


So how do we use these values in goal setting? 

  • What kind of atmosphere are we producing? What kind of atmosphere do we want?
  • Is there room for others?
  • Is there unity- agreement – understanding in my team?

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