A Grass Roots Growing Church

Pastor Andrew Owen

May 2014 Leaders Forum held at Destiny Glasgow


Jesus, it must be remembered, restricted nine-tenths of his ministry to twelve Jews so that He could reach all Americans. –Eugene Peterson


As the reality of the church as an organism has been discovered, we are finding that in God’s design all the people in the church are gifted for ministry and gifted to act. –Greg Ogden

1. We believe in the priesthood of all believers. 1 Peter 2:9


2. Three good questions we should ask ourselves:


  • Do you have a passion to see people released into fullest ministry potential?


  • Have you demonstrated specific ways whereby you can do this?


  • Can you manage an environment where people are encouraged and motivated to do this?


The pastor as equipper is to watch for underdeveloped powers, to draw them out, to bring potency to actuality in human lives.  – Elton Trueblood



3. How to be a gift bearing – gift evolving community.


a) Call forth gifts


b) Fan the fire of desire


c) Discover


d) Deploy


e) Create the right environment


f) Evaluate. Delegate but don’t abdicate


g) Turn areas over to others

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