About the orphanage

The Destiny India Orphanage was founded by Ivan and Daphne Squillino in 1996 in Deegipur, Odisha. The region of Odisha in India sits on the Bay of Bengal. Many children have lost their parents due to natural disasters occurring in the Bay of Bengal. The region is particularly prone to severe flooding. Odisha is one of the poorest states in India and there are many social and health needs exacerbated by poverty.

The Orphanage provides love and support for the children. All the children attend both primary and secondary education locally. A number of the older children also attend college where they are studying commerce. The Orphanage has developed and grown its own community garden which is fully self sustaining in terms of providing for all of the nutritional needs of the children.

By the numbers

children in the orphanage
kids already brought up
plus people fed in the region
£ needed for new orphanage building.

Change A Life

Thank You. With your help this new orphanage concept can become a reality. It will more than double the amount of orphans we can take in, allowing us to love, care and look after more children then ever before. On top of this, the new orphanage will have space to receive mission teams who can impact the wider region while they are there.
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Contribute to the building fund Sponsor a child: £12/month

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